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At Gilson, we are committed to the highest caliber of quality and complete customer satisfaction with our suite of products and services. This commitment doesn’t end with your purchase — it only just begins. Our dedicated global service, support, and training teams are there to help you maintain the maximum performance of your instruments, make your lab life easier, and ensure the reliability of your data.


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Have Our Expert Technicians Restore Your Pipettes

Gilson is the expert on pipettes with decades of experience. Regular maintenance of your pipettes will ensure they operate within specification and deliver reproducible data with the accuracy you need. Regular maintenance will also minimize downtime in your lab, will reduce the likelihood of unplanned, costly repairs and increase the lifespan of your pipettes. Gilson service technicians are factory trained, use manufacturer parts, and proprietary software, Gilson Volumetrics™. Gilson Volumetrics utilizes automatic data transfer from our analytical balances and environmental probes to generate your service documentation with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy of data. Gilson is an ISO 9001-certified company and ISO 17025-accredited service is available throughout the organization.

Avoid Unexpected System Downtime and Assure Accuracy

Keep your instruments running like new by signing up for preventative maintenance services. With regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your instrument and save time and money by avoiding unexpected interruptions to your work. Plus, maintain confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your results from knowing your instrument is operating within original specifications.

Repair Services from Dedicated Product Specialists

Our authorized, factory-trained repair specialists will help get your instrument and software running again as quickly as possible. All repairs are backed by a complete 90-day warranty, and in certain regions, our field service representatives are available with rapid, on-site support. When arranging in-house or field repair service, please have ready your:

  • Gilson product model
  • Instrument serial number
  • Current Gilson software and version number
  • Computer operating system information
  • Call your local Gilson office to arrange a repair from our experts.

Installation Done Right

Focus on your science; not on equipment installation. When you purchase or relocate a Gilson system, our engineers will complete the installation to get you up and running quickly. Each installation service provides Installation Qualification (IQ), which ensures that all procedures are followed for optimal installation in the selected environment. With IQ, you can be assured that your Gilson systems are installed correctly the first time, every time.

Experts Ready to Help

Whether you need technical support over the phone or factory repairs, our highly trained team at your regional Gilson Service Center is here to help. Each Service Center team possesses a multitude of different skills to quickly answer your technical questions and has the ability to provide comprehensive repairs.

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